Why American Women Should Support Amy Coney Barrett

Amy Barrett and I grew up together in New Orleans.  We attended the same Catholic high school.  We bought Roman Candy taffy from the local horse-drawn wagon on the corner of Walmsley and Pine.  We kicked off our black and white saddle oxfords to catch some rays during our lunch break.  We put on our makeup together before dances and celebrated with our friends at Mardi Gras balls.  She stood in my wedding and I stood in hers.  And as our families grew, we spent long evenings together at Christmastime over bowls of gumbo, enjoying that our children became friends too. Little did I know that one day she would be nominated to the highest court in the land.

Amy Coney Barrett is a woman without limits.  She has never allowed anyone to tell her what her family should look like, in size, shape, color, or creed.  Many of her choices have required a level of bravery rarely seen in our society.  Nor would she allow others to impose limits on her ambition, forging a career that has champions from every angle of the political spectrum.  She’s a trailblazer, exhibiting a work ethic that puts everyone else to shame.

As an engineering professional in the oil and gas business, I have been the only woman at that conference-room table more times than I can count.   There is no other woman I’d rather have sitting beside me than Amy.

There is strength in diversity, and that means all types of diversity.  If you are truly pro-woman, and seek to advance the cause of all women, you should support Amy Coney Barrett.  Her unique brand of incisive intellect and independent decision-making is what America needs now.

Limitless bravery, brilliance, and independence.  This is exactly why she is a role model for my three daughters, as well as for my son.  Put Barrett on the Supreme Court.  For all of us.

Angelle Colon Adams grew up with Judge Amy Coney Barrett in New Orleans.