Wake Up Conservatives

by Kennedy Wohlford

The 2018 Midterm Elections are less than 40 days away. But what’s the message that we need most right now? Iowa Republicans need to wake up. Polling across the country paints a pretty bleak picture for Republicans everywhere, and no – it’s not Fake News.

Here are the reasons why and some particular polling that backs it up:

First, Democrats are more energized than ever. Republicans control the White House, Congress, and Hillary Clinton isn’t running for office – why shouldn’t they be? The midterms are traditionally favorable to Republican, but that’s not the case this year. All indications show that we’ve lost that advantage this time around and that our enthusiasm is actually trailing Democrats.

Second, Democrats have closed the voter registration gap in Iowa and have begun racking up a large advantage in absentee ballots.

Third, legitimate polling from both the Des Moines Register and Iowa Republican Campaigns is pointing
to a close race and even a slight edge for the Democrats.

Fourth, Fred Hubbell has vastly outspent Governor Reynolds on television advertising, having run ads for over a year.

The Iowa Poll

The Des Moines Register recently put out its Iowa Poll showing Governor Kim Reynolds trailing Democrat Fred Hubbell by 2 percentage points. Yes, this survey is well within the margin of error, but it mirrors polls taken by credible polling companies. The fact is, Reynolds and Hubbell are in the closest statewide race that Iowans have seen in a long time.

Time to wake up.

That means request an absentee ballot. Put up a yard sign, knock doors, get a like-minded friend to vote who usually doesn’t. Need help figuring out which of your friends doesn’t normally vote? The campaigns can get you that information. You heard it here: we do not want to wake up on November 7th losing the election and wondering what went wrong.