Special Election in SD 25 Gets Nasty – Thanks to Iowa Democrats

The race for Iowa Senate District 25 is heating up in advance of the special election on April 10th. While it appears the campaign of Republican candidate Annette Sweeney has remained positive, her opponent, Democrat Tracy Freese spent the days leading up to Easter, you know Holy Week, to send out nasty mailers attacking Sweeney.

Freese’s mailer attacks Sweeney for saying that the State of Iowa should, “move on” following the Iowa Senate’s sexual harassment issue. The problem is that the “move on” quote the mailer uses was in response to a question about Bill Dix’s resignation, which has nothing to do with the sexual harassment lawsuit.

Here is what Sweeney said:

“It’s unfortunate that the incidents that happened before, but you know what? Move on. It’s a private issue now, and Senate District 25 – Butler, Grundy, Hardin, and Story (counties) 0 that’s our concern now. And let’s focus on that. Let’s be positive about that.”

It’s abundantly clear that Sweeney is talking about the events that led up to Dix’s resignation, not the sexual harassment lawsuit. But apparently that’s doesn’t matter to Iowa Democrats who produced a mailed that states, “Republican politicians harass women.”

The Iowa Democrat Party’s line of attack on this matter is full of hypocrisy.

  1. Democrats built an entire political organization on “moving on” from the impeachment of President Bill Clinton, conveniently known as MoveOn.org. In fact, the organization remains a key player in Democrat politics today.
  2. Iowans should want to move forward. The facts of the past cannot be changed. Instead of seeking solutions that can move Iowa forward, Freese and Iowa Democrats seem perfectly willing to keep Iowans stuck in the very culture she derides because it is politically advantageous for her to do so.

In the spirit of the exclusively positive messaging of the Sweeney campaign – and unlike the petty, nasty messaging of the Freese campaign – I will not resort to taking cheap shots. I will, however, highlight some important information every voter in the district deserves to know before casting a ballot.

Tracy Freese is openly pushing for a far-left liberal progressive agenda.

Finally, Freese is running on a message of taking power away from special interests. Yet, when asked by a reporter if she will stand by her campaign promises once elected and in an environment with special interests pushing her in different directions, Freese had this to say:

“Can I say I don’t know? I don’t know what I’ll be faced with. I have to think its easier said than done.”

When comparing the two candidates, voters in SD 25 have a clear choice to vote for someone who represents Iowa values, or someone who wants to fundamentally change the state to fit their far-left agenda. There is a stark contrast between Sweeney’s positive, forward-thinking ideas, and Freese’s inability to form a message outside of being anti Bill Dix.   Lets hope Iowans in SD 25 make the right choice on April 10th.