Ron Corbett’s Callous Caucus Commentary

An interesting strategy appears to be emerging from the gubernatorial primaries this year.

Last week we highlighted for you Fred Hubbell’s broadside against labor unions, calling the “corrupt” and “harmful” in the most liberal community in the state, Iowa City.

Fred quickly backtracked with this hand-in-hat, please-take-me-back missive on Facebook. Sorry, Fred. You can use consultant-driven language to mea culpa your true feelings by yourself in the public. But, the damage is already done. Oh no worries – nothing another cool million on TV can’t fix, right?

Then on Friday, the Des Moines Register did a preview piece on the upcoming Iowa Caucuses to demonstrate the organizing going on ahead of tonight’s caucuses.

In the article, it’s clear that Republican Ron Corbett has all but thrown in the towel:

GOP primary challenger Ron Corbett, however, said the caucuses won’t matter. “Caucuses will be a non-event,” he said. “Nobody even knows they are coming up. The diehards/establishment will show up.”

“Nobody even knows they are coming up” could accurately describe his sad book tour stops if it weren’t such an out-of-touch statement that completely dismisses the thousands of Republicans who show up on a cold winter night to represent, build and grow their party. The Iowa Caucuses are important to anyone who cares about the future of the party. Apparently, it’s not to Ron Corbett.

Who does he think will sign his ballot petition and work on his behalf if not the “diehards” who attend the caucuses? Then he throws in the “establishment” for good measure? If you don’t have enough diehards/establishment to make a showing on caucus night, then who is going to support you in the upcoming primary? If there is one huge thing Republicans have going for us it’s that, unlike the Democrats, we have a united party going into the elections.

It’s clear Ron Corbett considers this a non-event because his campaign is on the ropes. What a sad, pathetic end to a once promising political future.