Paging Danny Homan…

As the 2018 Democratic Gubernatorial Primary continues, it’s clear that Democrat Fred Hubbell is out of touch with his own Party.

The Daily Iowan reported that Fred Hubbell lashed out at Big Labor, calling them “corrupt” and “harmful” to people. It’s not a good look for far-left Democrats who are infatuated with labor unions and already dislike Hubbell’s wealth and “silver spoon upbringing.”

It will also be interesting to see reaction from the SEIU and AFSCME; both labor unions are funneling millions of dollars to Hubbell’s opponents such as Cathy Glasson and State Senator Nate Boulton. Does anyone think AFSCME President Danny Homan can credibly ask his grassroots army to door knock for Hubbell after he smeared his dues-paying members?

Hubbell has been dogged by questions of being out of touch and already has a rocky relationship with Big Labor and grassroots Democrats. Hubbell’s wealthy corporate background got a less than lukewarm reception at the Democrats’ 2017 Fall Gala— attendees held up silver spoons as he spoke, a reference to the massive amounts of wealth he inherited.

In a crowded, messy primary that could end up going to convention, Hubbell’s approach is mind-boggling. He is insulting the very activists who may be required to choose the candidates on the floor of the convention. For someone billing himself as a smart businessman, he’s proving he doesn’t know his customer. Even the slickest TV ads can’t cover up this incompetence.