Liberal Fred Hubbell Will Raise Taxes

by Mary Warren

This election will come down to taxes. Which one do you want? Higher taxes with Fred Hubbell or lower taxes with Governor Kim Reynolds.
I know which one I am supporting.

Voting for Governor Reynolds is voting to keep more of your hard-earned money.

Fred Hubbell has said it again and again. He wants to “peel back all those tax cuts”. What tax cuts is he talking about? The historic state middle class tax cuts that Governor Reynolds signed into law this year.

These tax cuts would give middle-class Iowa families up to $1,000 dollars off on their taxes. Taking away the tax cuts might be fine for Fred Hubbell, someone who was born into money and makes millions a year as a retiree. But not for me! Every dollar counts to me and my family.

Kim Reynolds understands the value of a dollar and because of that, Iowans will reap the benefits of the biggest middle-class tax cut we’ve ever seen. A bill she signed into law her first year as governor. An average Iowa family of four making $55,000 will see a 10% tax cut next year. By the year 2023 they will see a 23% tax cut. This is real money that will be kept in our own pockets.

I fully support and appreciate everything she is doing to make sure I keep more of my money.

Her opponent wants to undo everything she has done, he’s planning on taking away all of her accomplishments if he gets into office. We cannot let this happen, our state has never seen tax cuts like this and to me, this money matters.

These are the tax cuts that give working Iowans more opportunities to provide for their families.

These are the things Iowans care about and Governor Kim Reynolds knows that! We have more opportunities than ever before and it starts with good conservative leadership.