As Trump and Xi Jinping meet in China, an Iowan is the bridge between them

by Kyle Munson, Des Moines Register

BEIJING — The Iowan who has the ear of the leaders of two world superpowers stepped up to a lectern inside a crowded living room of his sumptuous new home — half a world away from where he had spent most of his 70 years.

On a late September evening, Terry Branstad, Iowa’s longest-serving governor and the United States’ newest ambassador to China, addressed an elite cocktail-party crowd of more than 100 Chinese dignitaries, expats and visiting Americans.

“Welcome to the governor’s … no,” he interrupted himself with a chuckle and shake of his head. “I kind of fell back into my old habits there.

“Welcome to the ambassador’s residence in Beijing, China.”

Branstad’s mild misstep was a reminder of the improbable path that took him from a marathon tenure as the folksy governor of a landlocked Midwestern state to his current and much more exotic job as America’s chief liaison to the most populous country on the planet.

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