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Cruz Gets the Big Win He Desperately Needed

A win is a win. Wins in presidential campaigns are necessary, not just to garner the necessary delegates to capture the nomination of one of the two major political party’s, but they also provide the fuel for a campaign to co...
by Craig Robinson

Cruz Flag

Cruz Needs to Own Wisconsin, Not Just Win

It was never my intention to not publish a single word on this site last week. I didn’t go anywhere, but the mental week away was good for me. Like so many people, I too have had enough of the Republican presidential race. I...
by Craig Robinson


Perry’s Ride – A Post Memorial Day Round Up

It is often said that Labor Day signifies the point in a general election where voters really begin to focus on the upcoming election, and so the campaigns really seem to ratchet up. For Republican caucus campaigns in Iowa, I h...
by Craig Robinson



Scott Walker: More Than They Bargained For

When conservatives gathered in Washington D.C. earlier this month for the 50th Anniversary of the Conservative Political Action Conference, most of the potential 2016 presidential candidates were in attendance.  The most notab...
by Craig Robinson


Scott Walker Makes His 2016 Debut

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker made good use of his time in Des Monies on Thursday night.  In the span of a couple hours, he raised money for his 2014 re-election campaign at a private roundtable fundraiser that was organized...
by Craig Robinson


Romney Ryan

Romney Selects Paul Ryan

Boston, MA – Mitt Romney today announced Wisconsin Representative Paul Ryan as his Vice Presidential running mate. Below is Congressman Ryan’s biography: U.S. Rep. Paul Ryan is in his seventh term in Congress representing W...
by The Iowa Republican