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Patch Will Provide the Watchdog Some Bite’s Jeff Patch has taken a position with the Franklin Center for Government and Public Integrity to lead their Iowa news site, as its Iowa Bureau Chief. Patch started his media career as a...
by Craig Robinson

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Picking a Fight? Spiker Continues to Needle Branstad Over Straw Poll Comments

By Craig Robinson A.J. Spiker, the current Chairman of the Republican Party of Iowa, is in the midst of a public spat with Governor Terry Branstad.  Confrontation between a party chair and a high ranking elected official in a ...
by Craig Robinson


The Iowa Straw Poll is Dead

By Craig Robinson When Iowa Governor Terry Branstad told the Wall Street Journal that the Ames Straw Poll had “outlived its usefulness,” he essentially ended the storied event. Republican Party of Iowa leaders were quick to...
by Craig Robinson



It’s Time for Romney to Get Aggressive

Mitt Romney may have secured the Republican nomination for President, but he has yet to convince many conservatives that he’s the candidate who will champion their values in the general election this fall. Last week, Romney w...
by Craig Robinson


Independence Day Round Up

The USS Iowa was recommissioned on Wednesday, the new mission for the battleship is as a museum.  The Iowa is one of 48 warships that have become tourist attractions, but as the LA Times reports, not all are successful. USS Io...
by Craig Robinson


King Response

King Statement on President Obama’s Speech to Joint Session of Congress

Washington, D.C.- Congressman Steve King (R-IA) releases the following video statement providing his reaction to President Obama’s speech to the Joint Session of Congress: “The President has given his jobs proposal ...
by The Iowa Republican