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Mid-Day Must Reads

Below are a few of the outstanding article that have been published this morning. Jeffrey Toobin of the New Yorker writes a great piece on the looming Supreme Court confirmation battle, more specifically how we ended up at a pl...
by Craig Robinson


If Trump Can’t Handle The Truth, Neither Can Cruz

Since the Iowa Caucuses, Donald Trump and Texas Senator Ted Cruz have been frequent sparring partners. The ferocity of their attacks, however, has escalated since the campaign moved on to South Carolina. The Cruz campaign has h...
by Craig Robinson


Things Look Good for Donald Trump in South Carolina per PPP Poll

Public Policy Polling is out with their latest South Carolina poll. It shows Trump with a significant lead over the rest of the Republican field. Trump is at 35 percent compared to 18 percent each for Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, ...
by Craig Robinson


Trump DSM

Trump in Command of South Carolina, but a Much Different Race is on the Horizon

Except for one Monmouth University poll that showed Dr. Ben Carson with a one-point lead in South Carolina back in early November, Donald Trump has led every poll in the Palmetto state since late July. Trump hasn’t just led i...
by Craig Robinson


New Hampshire Keeps with Tradition as Trump and Sanders Win Big

Both second place finishers in last week’s Iowa caucuses won big in New Hampshire last night. Republican Donald Trump lapped the GOP field by garnering over 30 percent of the vote, while his nearest competitor, Ohio Governor ...
by Craig Robinson


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Cruz and Rubio Benefited from Iowa’s Caucus System

There were numerous articles published on Tuesday about the dynamic data operations that both the Cruz and Rubio campaigns employed to give them an edge on caucus night in Iowa. The Cruz data project is named the Oorlog project...
by Craig Robinson