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All You Need to Know About Wisconsin Recall in 5 Mins

The Wisconsin recall election is in the history books, and the result is a stunning defeat of organized labor.  Below are two videos that I think do a great job of telling the story of the recall. Enjoy
by Craig Robinson


Striking a Nerve

By Sen Paul McKinley It’s safe to say I struck a nerve. Last week, I published a memo entitled, “A Tale of Two Teachers.” The response was extraordinary. In that memo, I presented a true-to-life scenario and contrasted a ...
by The Iowa Republican


Unions Negotiating With Themselves

By Nathan Tucker Unions in the Cedar Rapids area recently “negotiated” a construction contract with city officials whom they had bought and paid for, producing an agreement which unionized non-union shops and allowed the un...
by Nathan W. Tucker



Iowa House Passes Collective Bargaining Changes

By Craig Robinson At about 12:30 p.m. today, the Iowa House of Representatives voted to make changes to Chapter 20 of the Iowa code. Chapter 20 deals with collective bargaining with public employee unions. The bill, House File ...
by Craig Robinson


The Unholy Alliance Between the Democratic Party and Public Sector Unions

By Rod Blum Referring to the need for transparency in government, former Supreme Court Justice Louis Brandeis once said “Sunshine is the best disinfectant.” The judge would be smiling these days since the sun is shining bri...
by The Iowa Republican



Tricks of the Trade

By Sam Clovis This weekend I found some very interesting reading on a number of websites.  As seems to be the buzz right now, most of the pundits are still musing about Wisconsin and Ohio and the rights, rolls and refinements ...
by Sam Clovis