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Romney Leads Obama In Latest TIR Poll

By Craig Robinson The stories of Mitt Romney’s demise in Iowa may be exaggerated.  While the latest Wall Street Journal/NBC News/Marist poll results have caused NBC to move Iowa from being a toss-up to a lean Democrat state,...
by Craig Robinson


Ask The Expert: Pollster Jan van Lohuizen Weighs In on 2012 Race

Jan van Lohuizen, the pollster who has now conducted three statewide polls for, shared his thoughts on the 2012 presidential race with John Ellis of the Business Insider.  The Business Insider had agreed ...
by Craig Robinson


TIR Poll: Jobs and the Economy by Far the Most Important Issue for Caucus Goers

Almost half of Iowa caucus goers believe jobs and the economy is the most important topic in deciding who to support in the GOP presidential race.  46% of respondents in a poll commissioned by ranked that ...
by Kevin Hall


Newt Media

TIR Poll: 28 Percent of Caucus Goers Would Definitely Not Vote for Gingrich

For the last couple of days, 2012 Caucus Poll has focused on which candidates Iowa caucus goers support.  Today, we look at which candidates that they don’t like.  The survey asked respondents if there...
by Craig Robinson


TIR Poll: Look Out for Chris Christie

By Craig Robinson While Michele Bachmann is the frontrunner in the Iowa Caucuses, she has yet to seal the deal with Iowa caucus goers. poll shows that Bachmann is head and shoulders above the current cro...
by Craig Robinson


Bachmann Leads Romney

TIR Poll: Bachmann Overtakes Romney in Iowa

By Craig Robinson Minnesota Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has surpassed former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney in a recent Iowa poll that was conducted by  With Bachmann now leading in Iowa, Romney h...
by Craig Robinson