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Hatch Vernon

Hatch’s Final Debate Much Like Entire Campaign: Desperate and Hopeless

Jack Hatch’s performance in his final debate was much like his entire gubernatorial campaign: dreadful, disorganized and desperate. The liberal state senator from Des Moines was always going to be the underdog against fiv...
by Kevin Hall


TIR on “Great Day”: Bruce Bailey, Running from Obama and Why Does Kevin Hate Lee County?’s Kevin Hall appeared on the weekly “Political Party Scoopers” segment on KCWI-TV 23′s “Great Day” program to  discuss the latest in Iowa politics, opposite Democrat st...
by The Iowa Republican

Romney with Ernst

Romney: Ernst Will be “Extraordinary Breath of Fresh Air” in D.C.

WEST DES MOINES – Chants of “Joni! Joni!” rang out as the Republican U.S. Senate nominee took the stage. An energized crowd of more than 200 supporters packed into the Iowa Farm Bureau headquarters in West Des Moines Sund...
by Kevin Hall


Chris Christie with Rod blum

Braley’s Unpopularity Could Help Blum Turn First District Red

As if President Obama’s claim that all of his policies are on the ballot this year was not damaging enough to Iowa Democrats, it seems Congressman Bruce Braley’s unpopularity is also a drag on the ticket. Particularly, the ...
by Kevin Hall

Obama leaning back

Kevin’s Korner: Baracktober Surprise, Braley’s Theme Song and Duplicitous Dems

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. The man who fears losing has already lost. I’m on the disabled list with a bad back (again), so if this column sucks even more than usual, well, at least I have an excuse this week ...
by Kevin Hall


Clovis standing

Clovis Campaign Launches New Ad Focusing on Jobs for Young People

With Jack Hatch giving up on his bid for governor by pulling his Television Advertisements and Joni Ernst gaining momentum in the Senate race, Governor Branstad and Lt. Gov Reynolds have some breathing room to provide some seri...
by The Iowa Republican