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Kevin’s Korner: Big Liberty Busted

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Three things cannot long be hidden: the sun, the moon and the truth. I have to laugh at those still defending the indefensible (alleged) actions of Kent Sorenson. The evidence is overw...
by Kevin Hall

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Former Staffer Sues Bachmann, Sorenson Over NICHE List Misuse

Former Michele Bachmann presidential campaign staffer Barb Heki filed a lawsuit Monday against the Minnesota congresswoman, Iowa State Senator Kent Sorenson, and several members of Bachmann’s senior campaign staff. The suit, ...
by Kevin Hall

bachmann opens iowa office (1114)

Kent Sorenson’s History of Selling Out

During a live interview on CNN, Kent Sorenson was asked if he is a sellout. “Absolutely not,” was the Iowa state senator’s reply. He got the first part right. Whether or not he is getting paid for his endorsement of Ron P...
by Kevin Hall



Did Kim Pearson Recruit a Primary Opponent for Herself? UPDATED

Either Kim Pearson is not running for reelection next year or she is sabotaging her own campaign. The combative Iowa House Republican encouraged a fellow conservative to run for her seat in the new House District 30. However, P...
by Kevin Hall