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Online Public Schools: Why are Senate Democrats and The Des Moines Register attacking Public School Options?

By Brian Kennedy Increasingly around the nation, school choice and education reform are a bipartisan issue.  Conservatives like Florida Governor Jeb Bush and liberals like New York City’s Michael Bloomberg agree that empower...
by The Iowa Republican


Working Out the Differences

By Speaker Kraig Paulsen This week, a conference committee on Senate File 209, the federal tax code coupling and FY 2011 supplemental appropriations bill, met several times to work out the differences between the House and Sena...
by The Iowa Republican


Striking a Nerve

By Sen Paul McKinley It’s safe to say I struck a nerve. Last week, I published a memo entitled, “A Tale of Two Teachers.” The response was extraordinary. In that memo, I presented a true-to-life scenario and contrasted a ...
by The Iowa Republican