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Budget Deal

The U.S. House Passes Budget Deal – The Friday Roundup

The U.S. House of Representatives passed a two-year budget deal on Thursday afternoon.  The bill, which was widely criticized by conservatives, passed the chamber by a vote of 332 to 94.  Congressman Steve King was the only m...
by Craig Robinson

Bruce Bear

Thoughts and Tidbits on the Week that Was

Rastetter Elected to Lead Board of Regents We all know that Democrats in the Iowa Senate are out-of-touch, but seeing the Board of Regents elect Bruce Rastetter as its president after spending months attacking Craig Lang and Ra...
by Craig Robinson

Emporer Scorpion (Pandinus imperator).

The liberal smear campaign against Regent Bruce Rastetter

Regent Bruce Rastetter, an agricultural entrepreneur and Republican donor, has cheerfully weathered a coordinated smear campaign by Democratic politicians, radical liberal groups such as Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement ...
by Jeff Patch



Regents Lang & Rastetter talk tuition, Harkin Institute

JOHNSTON, Iowa—Board of Regents President Craig Lang and President Pro Tem Bruce Rastetter joined the “Iowa Press” panel Friday for a discussion on tuition at Iowa’s universities, the continuing Harkin Insti...
by Jeff Patch


Iowa State refunds $300k MidAmerican contribution for Harkin Institute

DES MOINES—MidAmerican Energy Company requested and received a refund of the electricity company’s $300,000 contribution to the Harkin Institute of Public Policy at Iowa State University, raising questions over whe...
by Jeff Patch



Harkin reneges on offer to donate papers to Iowa State

DES MOINES—In an orchestrated blitz, Sen. Tom Harkin, D-Iowa, and his wife Ruth, a member of the state Board of Regents, “blindsided” the director of the Harkin Institute of Public Policy and the Iowa State admini...
by Jeff Patch