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Ted Cruz’s Road to Nowhere.

Larry Sabato loves to quote T.S. Eliot. In writing about the demise of Florida Senator Marco Rubio’s campaign on Wednesday, Sabato wrote, “To borrow from T.S. Eliot: This is the way Marco Rubio’s campaign ends, not with a...
by Craig Robinson


Kasich gets his, but Trump begins to pull away

While the news media continues to report on how Republicans can’t stomach Donald Trump, the New York billionaire continues to rack up wins and accumulate delegates. Reaching the necessary 1,237 delegates to claim the nominati...
by Craig Robinson

Trump Iowa Summit

It’s Harder and Harder to Stop Trump when he Keeps Winning

According to the Republican establishment and their friends in the media, Donald Trump’s presidential campaign had stalled or at the very least it had plateaued prior to Tuesdays elections. Some even suggested that it was on ...
by Craig Robinson


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3/8/2016 Mid-Day Must Reads

Why Ted Cruz might torpedo the strategy to stop Trump The payoff for Cruz is clear. Rubio is struggling tremendously in the primary so far. Even if he wins Florida, it’s really hard to envision him getting to 1,237 delega...
by Craig Robinson


Don’t Overlook Rubio’s Island Hopping Strategy

It was my belief that Sen. Marco Rubio would have capitalized off of a strong third place finish in Iowa by now, but the Rubio campaign’s poor campaign strategy of believing that early wins were not important combined with a ...
by Craig Robinson


Trump DSM

Trump Shows Strength on Super Tuesday

Even as establishment Republicans intensified the attacks on Donald Trump over the past week to ten days, the New York billionaire continued to put up impressive wins and continue his march to the Republican nomination. Trump p...
by Craig Robinson