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A Month-by-Month Look Back at 2013’s Biggest Political Stories in Iowa

January - Harkin Hangs It Up Longtime Iowa Democrat Senator Tom Harkin announces he will not seek reelection in 2014. Harkin’s decision sends political shockwaves throughout the state. Harkin’s was practically unbeatable i...
by Kevin Hall


RPI Should Focus on the Task At Hand: Winning in 2014

Back in August, the Republican State Central Committee created mess for itself when it decided to push back the state convention without discussing the idea with anyone the move would impact.  While the convention would ultima...
by Craig Robinson

Mitch McConnell

Ron Paul’s Minions Create a Mess for McConnell Campaign

Earlier this year when Jesse Benton, the campaign manager for Mitch McConnell’s re-election campaign, was caught on tape saying that he is “holding his nose” working for the highest-ranking Republican in the United States...
by Craig Robinson


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SCC Member Explains Reasoning for Wanting Convention Delegates to Elect Chair, Co-Chair

Mark Doland, the secretary for the Republican Party of Iowa, wants to change the way the party selects its chairperson and co-chair. Instead of the 18 member State Central Committee deciding whom to place in charge of the party...
by Kevin Hall

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Santa Paul – Ron Paul to host Texas Fundraiser for RPI

I know it’s only Tuesday, but since it’s the week of Thanksgiving, I thought it might make sense to do our weekly roundup early as many of you may be watching football or shopping on Friday. Santa Paul – Ron Paul to host ...
by Craig Robinson


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Internal Strife – How the Chairman of the Iowa GOP has become a Huge Distraction

For Iowa Republicans, 2014 looms as one of the most important election cycles of recent memory, with the state’s first open Senate seat in play since 1974 and Republican Gov. Terry Branstad up for an unprecedented sixth term....
by Craig Robinson