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Huckabee 1111

Huckabee’s Resolute Defense of Israel Should Be Praised, Not Criticized

Oh the outrage! How dare former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee compare Iran following trough on its repeated threats to wipe the nation of Israel off of the face of the earth with a nuclear weapon to the Holocaust? From 1941 t...
by Craig Robinson


Will Iowans Give Rick Perry a Second Chance?

As the 2016 presidential race officially opens, a lot of attention is being paid to the new faces in the crowded Republican field of candidates. There’s the first official entrant Texas Senator Ted Cruz, the fresh-faced Wisco...
by Craig Robinson

Rick Perry Freedom Summit

Rick Perry Taps Jamie Johnson for National Team

AUSTIN, Texas –– Former Texas Governor Rick Perry’s political action committee, RickPAC, has hired a key Iowa political operative with deep ties to the national conservative movement and to America’s evangelical and...
by The Iowa Republican


Becky Kepler with Perry

Perry’s Personal Touch Makes Iowa Widow’s Day

Saturday was going to be a difficult one for Becky Kepler. March 7 marked the 45th anniversary of Becky’s marriage to her beloved husband David. Alas, it was also the first wedding anniversary she would commemorate since Davi...
by Kevin Hall

Ag Summit

Takeaways from the Iowa Ag Summit

Iowans are spoiled when it comes to big multi-candidate presidential events. It’s not that we get to host the candidates once every four years, we basically get to attend events like this every month. How crazy is that? The I...
by Craig Robinson


Jeb Bush CPAC

Presidential Cattle Call: A Preview of the First Iowa Agriculture Summit

900 likely Iowa Caucusgoers, 250 media members and a slew of their presidential hopefuls. That is what awaits the speakers at Saturday’s Iowa Agriculture Summit. The first time event, produced by GOP power broker Bruce Rastet...
by Kevin Hall