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Paul Family Reunion Scheduled for a Federal Court Room in Iowa?

According to recent reports, Ron Paul is likely to be headed to Iowa soon, but the trip is not to campaign for his son, Rand, who is mounting a 2016 presidential campaign. Federal prosecutors may call the elder Paul to testify ...
by Craig Robinson


Paul Blasts Trump and Bush on Iowa State Visit

I’ve seen Kentucky Senator Rand Paul speak numerous times, but never have I seem him as comfortable in front of an audience as he was on Friday night at Iowa State University. Paul drew over 450 college students on the eve of...
by Craig Robinson

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The Republican Quest for Authenticity

I spend an inordinate amount of time talking to reporters about the presidential race every day of the week. Twitter is always a good tool to see what’s trending out there politically, but so are the reporters that frequently...
by Craig Robinson


Rand and Craig

Rand Paul’s Iowa Campaign Should Make the Rest of the GOP Field Nervous

As the old saying goes, out of sight, out of mind. Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has only attended two multi-candidate events in Iowa this year – the Iowa Faith and Freedom Coalition event in April and the Republican Party o...
by Craig Robinson


Is it the Iowa or Idaho Caucuses? Rand Paul seems Confused

This morning Kentucky Senator Rand Paul’s presidential campaign team posted the following graphic on Facebook encouraging people to record an endorsement video.  The graphic shows the outline of the state of Iowa, but th...
by Craig Robinson



No Reason for Jeb to Run from Iowa – Lincoln Dinner Roundup

The clear winner on Saturday night was the Republican Party of Iowa, which hosted eleven 2016 presidential candidates at its annual Lincoln Day Dinner. Nearly 1,400 Iowa Republicans attended the event, and 38 county Republican ...
by Craig Robinson