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CPAC Day Two: Rand, Rubio, Santorum, Trump (VIDEO)

Day two of the Conservative Political Action Conference in Washington features speeches by a slew of possible 2016 presidential hopefuls, including Kentucky Senator Rand Paul, Texas Senator Marco Rubio, 2012 Iowa Caucus winner ...
by The Iowa Republican

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Parsing the Polls: The Presidential Primary and What’s Branstad’s Popularity Now?

Political polling is tricky. Often times, during the midst of a polling session or before the results are published, something happens that makes the poll obsolete. Such is the case with a new Iowa poll conducted by Quinnipiac ...
by Kevin Hall

Gas Tax

Kevin’s Korner: Gas Tax Reflux, Spiker Casting Stones and Singing ‘Kumbaya’ with ISIS

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Your life is the sum result of all the choices you make, both consciously and unconsciously. It’s hard to see how Iowa Republican officials can emerge from this gas tax debate lookin...
by Kevin Hall



There is one way to describe Senator Rand Paul’s Latest Trip to Iowa: Perfect

I know this won’t be popular on these pages, but the National Journal’s article calling former Republican Party of Iowa Chairman, A.J. Spiker, Rand’s “Iowa Albatros” was a bunch of crap. It is true that many establish...
by Craig Robinson

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Rand in Marshalltown: Ties Saudi royals to 9/11, claims America is no longer greatest country on Earth

MARSHALLTOWN – An early Saturday morning political event on an unusually warm February day might not be the ideal conditions to draw a good crowd. However, 140 Marshall County Republicans packed into the Legends American ...
by Kevin Hall



Kevin’s Korner: Barack’s Bungled Theology, the Chopper Whopper and Spiker’s Inside Job

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. The only way to overcome a physical advantage is to establish a psychological one. Unfortunately, President Obama has no interest in establishing an advantage over ISIS. He would rathe...
by Kevin Hall