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Bertrand’s Primary Challenge Obviously Got Under King’s Skin

On Thursday, State Senator Rick Bertrand made it official, announcing that he’s challenging Republican Congressman Steve King in the 4th Congressional District primary. High profile primary challenges against incumbents are r...
by Craig Robinson


King Statement on Primary Challenge

Wall Lake, Iowa – Congressman Steve King today released a statement regarding his re-election. “Today my campaign delivered nomination papers to the Iowa Secretary of State containing over 5500 signatures from citizens of t...
by The Iowa Republican

David Young

How David Young Went from Fifth Place to Republican Nominee

David Young’s victory at Saturday’s Third District congressional nominating convention was stunning to say the least. While some will grumble about Republicans nominating a candidate who finished in fifth place in the prima...
by Craig Robinson



Poor Fundraising Numbers Could Hurt Blum’s Chances in General Election

Rod Blum is the clear frontrunner in the Republican primary in the First Congressional District, but you wouldn’t know it by looking at his fundraising report.    Blum’s campaign reported that it had raised $77,710.09 in...
by Craig Robinson


Tick-Tock: Just 75 Days Until the Primary – The Weekly Round Up

The June 3rd primary is only 75 days away, meaning that we are now officially in the final stretch of the primary campaign.  The U.S. Senate and 3rd Congressional District primaries are the most interesting.  In both instance...
by Craig Robinson


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Bob Vander Plaats is not the 800 Pound Gorilla He Thinks He Is

There is no disputing it.  Bob Vander Plaats is the best-known social conservative in the state of Iowa.  Congressman Steve King is perhaps the only other social conservative in the state with similar name recognition, but Ki...
by Craig Robinson