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The Education of Gov. Culver and Speaker Murphy

Jeff Foxworthy needs to a special episode of “Are you Smarter than a 5th Grader” at the State Capitol, and Governor Culver and Speaker Murphy could be the contestants. Seriously, it is obvious that Murphy can’t count vote...
by Krusty Konservative


Final Vote on Prevailing Wage Bill 49-49

DES MOINES, Iowa — The prevailing wage bill failed to pass Monday as lawmakers voted 49-49. To read more of this article click here
by The Iowa Republican


Prevailing Wage vote to be held open through the weekend

After five hours of debate, the Iowa House came to a standstill Friday evening as Democrats called for a vote on the prevailing wage bill and the roll call showed the votes at 50-46 — one short of passage. The plan now is...
by The Iowa Republican



Leasing Iowa Lottery is still an option

A possible lease of the Iowa Lottery to private investors remains alive in the Iowa Legislature, despite Gov. Chet Culver’s efforts to quash debate on the issue, key lawmakers said Wednesday. Iowa House Speaker Patrick Mu...
by The Iowa Republican