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Santorum Claims Kansas Caucuses

Former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum cruised to a decisive victory in the Kansas caucuses on Saturday. Santorum claimed 51.2 percent of the vote, far outdistancing the rest of the field. He won almost every county in the s...
by Kevin Hall

Romney Holds Campaign Rally In Michigan

Establishment Worries About Damage Done to Romney in Primary

A growing number of Republican operatives are worried about the negative effects of grueling primary battle will have on the party’s eventual nominee. These concerned pundits and strategists share a number of things in common...
by Craig Robinson


Romney’s Not So Super Tuesday

Mitt Romney came into Super Tuesday on a five state winning streak, rising poll numbers, and a growing sense that he would be the eventual Republican nominee. While Romney was trending upward, his prime opponent, Rick Santorum,...
by Craig Robinson



Live Chat Tonight Starting at 6 pm: Super Tuesday

Ten states decided their GOP presidential favorite today and invites you to join us this evening for comprehensive coverage. We will be doing a live chat throughout the night, beginning at 6 pm when the fi...
by The Iowa Republican


Super Tuesday State-by-State Preview

It is the biggest day on the GOP presidential primary calendar. Republicans in ten states head to the polls today and 435 delegates are up for grabs. Mitt Romney has a very good chance to solidify his status as the presumptive ...
by Kevin Hall



Romney Wins Washington, Paul Finishes Second

Mitt Romney continued his string of victories in the race for the GOP presidential nomination by taking first place in the Washington caucuses. Romney picked up 37.6 percent of the vote. Ron Paul nipped Rick Santorum for second...
by Kevin Hall