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romney at nationwide (187)

Romney Cruises in Five More Primary States

Mitt Romney’s bid for the GOP presidential nomination took a major step forward Tuesday night. Rick Santorum’s departure from the race enabled Mitt Romney to completely dominate Tuesday’s primaries in five Northeast state...
by Kevin Hall

Branstad LGBTQ

Kevin’s Korner: Branstad’s Choice, Convention Thoughts, and Dems Eat Dogs

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Come on in. The water’s warm. I am disappointed in Governor Branstad. I gave up 10 months of my life to help Branstad get elected to a fifth term, because I believed in him. The Io...
by Kevin Hall

RPI Central Committee

Voter Guide: GOP State Central Committee Candidates

Iowa Republicans elect a new State Central Committee during this Saturday’s district conventions. Four members will be selected from each of the state’s four districts. Each candidate will be allowed to speak to the convent...
by Kevin Hall



Kevin’s Korner: Working Women, Fighting for Life, and Photos with Felons

Greetings and welcome. I’m just the lonely man here on the Korner. What I’m waiting for, I don’t know. Lots of talk about the life issue last week. Annette Sweeney’s amendment, which would strip funding from Planned Par...
by Kevin Hall

John McCain Accepts The Republican Party Nomination

VP Nominee List: The Top 15

The media and a lot of Republicans are ready to hand the GOP nomination to Mitt Romney. We’re not prepared to do that here on TIR quite yet. However, with many viewing the race is all but over, speculation about the vice-pres...
by Kevin Hall



Romney Claims Wisconsin, Maryland, D.C.

Mitt Romney picked up a trifecta of victories Tuesday night, as he moved further toward solidifying his status as the presumptive GOP presidential nominee. As of 10:35 pm central time, with 69 percent of the precincts in Wiscon...
by Kevin Hall