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Mike Rogers

Rogers, Clovis, Strawn Lead Group Trying Steer 2016 Focus toward National Security

DES MOINES – Former U.S. House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers believes America faces the worst national security threats of his lifetime. That is why Rogers formed an organization aimed at making sure nationa...
by Kevin Hall

Iowa sunrise

Kevin’s Korner: It’s Morning Again in the Iowa GOP, part 2

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. The breaking of a wave cannot explain the whole sea. The Republican Party of Iowa has new leadership and I believe we are better and stronger because of it. There are plenty of folks s...
by Kevin Hall

David Kepler

Republicans Mourn Passing of David Kepler

There are not very many people that I can honestly say inspire me. David Kepler was that rare person. He truly inspired me. David was a warrior. For 27 months, he fought the cancer that was ravaging his body. He fought long and...
by Kevin Hall


Spiker loves Ron Paul

Kevin’s Korner: Convention Back to June, Chung’s Demands and Why Does A.J. Spiker Hate Liberty?

It appears there will be a positive outcome to the sad and ridiculous saga of the 2014 Iowa GOP state convention. State Central Committee members who support moving the convention back to June believe they have more than enough...
by Kevin Hall


What a Week… made national news this week as we unveiled new information about the dealings between State Senator Kent Sorenson and the Ron Paul 2012 presidential campaign. As I looked over and analyzed all of the info...
by Craig Robinson



RPI should embrace District Executive Committees

It’s been over a year since the current slate of Republican Party of Iowa state central committee members were selected at District Conventions across the state.  Seven members of the 16-member committee are supporters of fo...
by Craig Robinson