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Tom Harkin: ‘Born this way’

DES MOINES—Need more evidence that Sen. Tom Harkin (D-Iowa) is preparing to run for a sixth term? The Cumming resident’s campaign committee, Citizens for Harkin, will hold its second Lady Gaga-related fundraiser next month....
by Jeff Patch


Eavesdropping #Pawlenty Tweets @ Iowa College Republicans Convention

# RT @KObradovich: Pawlenty: When you’re dealing with bullies and thugs, they always understand this. They understand strength, not weakness. # Dane Nealson RT @ben_foster: @TimPawlenty is speaking to the Iowa Federation of C...
by TEApublican


You Must Be An Idiot

Jerry Crawford I’m not about to join the obnoxious group of people who are celebrating Steve Deace’s exit from WHO radio.  While I think he’s an idiot for walking away for his 50,000-watt blowtorch, I admire anyone who i...
by Krusty Konservative