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Does Iowa Push Republican Candidates to the Right?

Last weekend’s conservative confab in Iowa has once again drawn the ire of some national political pundits.  Cokie Roberts, a News Analyst for National Public Radio and frequent guest on ABC’s Sunday morning show, This Wee...
by Craig Robinson

Santorum IFS

Santorum’s Advantage – The Road Less Traveled

Rick Santorum’s speech at Saturday’s Iowa Freedom Summit got lost in the mix. The other speeches that were either delivered by new faces or featured clever one-liners that were tailor-made for that specific audience got all...
by Craig Robinson


Walking away with It – Walker Shines at Iowa Freedom Summit

The event overall The Iowa Freedom Summit, a joint venture between Congressman Steve King and Citizens United, was a success before one candidate took the stage on Saturday. The nine-hour long event featured a number of high pr...
by Craig Robinson


culver sweaty

Democrats Line Up to Challenge Blum in First Congressional Seat

If you thought the five-way Democrat primary in the 1st Congressional District in 2014 was a little bit unruly, it appears that 2016 may bring out an even larger field of candidates. Monica Vernon, who finished in second place ...
by Craig Robinson


Bruce Rastetter Announces First-Ever Iowa Agriculture Summit

West Des Moines, IA – Iowa entrepreneur and philanthropist Bruce Rastetter today announced the first-ever Iowa Agriculture Summit, providing a unique forum for potential and likely presidential candidates from both major part...
by The Iowa Republican


David Young

Congressman Young Headed To Three Border States with Homeland Security Chairman

Congressman David Young is no stranger to Washington, D.C. As Senator Chuck Grassley’s former Chief of Staff, he knows how to get from one place to another at the U.S. Capitol, is familiar with the rules, and knows who the ke...
by Craig Robinson