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Big Names Trying to Raise Big Bucks for Ernst Campaign – The Weekly Roundup

It’s been somewhat surprising that big name politicians and celebrities haven’t been rolling in and out of Iowa in an effort to help the candidates running for the United States Senate raise money. It’s not like Iowa Repu...
by Craig Robinson


U.S. Senate Polls are Like the Iowa Weather – Unpredictable

They say in Iowa that, if you don’t like the weather, just give it a few minutes and it will change. Now it appears that saying now applies to political polls. We began to see it in the 2012 Republican Presidential Caucuses, ...
by Craig Robinson


Iowa GOP: Biden uses taxpayer funded Iowa trip for partisan stump speech

DES MOINES—Republican Party of Iowa leaders criticized Vice President Joe Biden for using his official office to pay for a partisan, campaign trip to Iowa in the home stretch of the midterm elections.“I’d lov...
by The Iowa Republican


David Young

Discussing David Young’s TV Ads

While perusing my Facebook feed this weekend, a post from an Iowa conservative activist caught my eye.  “Anyone know the name of the eleven year old that won @YoungForIowa’s ‘Write and Direct My Campaign Commercials...
by Craig Robinson

blum and King

Loras Poll: King in Good Shape, Blum’s Got a Shot in the 1st CD

Newspapers and other media organizations will pay for statewide polls for presidential and gubernatorial elections, but their budgets don’t allow for congressional polling.  Public polling data for congressional campaigns is...
by Craig Robinson


Pate pic2

Pate: “Make it Easy to Vote and Hard to Cheat”

 (Cedar Rapids, IA)  Today, former Iowa Secretary of State and Mayor of Cedar Rapids, Paul D. Pate has released his plan to encourage voter participation while strengthening the integrity of Iowa’s elections. I traveled...
by The Iowa Republican