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Mark Jacobs Introduces Himself to Iowa Voters With Impressive Mail Piece

Thus far, Mark Jacobs’ exploratory campaign for the U.S. Senate has taken a low-key approach. Like the other candidates already in the race, Jacobs travels across the state. He’s speaks to service clubs, county GOP central ...
by Craig Robinson

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Family Feud: IPTV’s Looks at the Current Dynamics of the Republican Party of Iowa

This week, Iowa Public Television’s weekly political show, Iowa Press, gathered Iowa GOP Chairman A.J. Spiker, Republican National Committeeman Steve Scheffler, and Republican political operative David Kochel to talk about th...
by Craig Robinson


Sacking the Chairman – The Friday Roundup

It’s not a surprise that some Iowa Republicans are calling on Iowa GOP Chairman A.J. Spiker to resign.  Perhaps that best way to describe the Republican Party of Iowa under Spiker’s leadership is tone-deaf.  The party rar...
by Craig Robinson


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Sen. Ted Cruz – Goes on Sale in Iowa

Perhaps no politician in the country is more in demand at the moment than Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Since being elected in 2012, Cruz has seen his national profile skyrocket, and he’s become a potential 2016 presidential candid...
by Craig Robinson


Strawn: From GOP Chairman to Gay Marriage Lobbyist

Matt Strawn abdicated the chairmanship of the Republican Party of Iowa in January of 2012 after mishandling the certification of the presidential caucus vote.  While his unwillingness to declare Rick Santorum the winner of the...
by Craig Robinson


Vander Plaats Trump

National Media Flocking to FAMiLY Leader Event – The Friday Roundup

Media requests for the FAMiLY Leader’s Leadership Summit are pouring in.  With a line up that includes Texas Senator Ted Cruz, Iowa Caucus winner Rick Santorum, and Donald Trump, it’s no wonder that journalist are making a...
by Craig Robinson