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Kevin’s Korner: Braley’s Biggest Lies, Clinton Panderfest and The Only Game That Mattered

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. W.I.N. Just decide what you want to do and then ask the question, ‘What’s important now?‘ Lock up your wives and daughters. Slick Willy’s back in town … Get ready...
by Kevin Hall


Rand’s Not Running at Full Speed – The Weekly Round Up

We all know that Congressman Steve King never shies away from an immigration debate, but who knew that Kentucky Senator Rand Paul would run for cover when confronted on the campaign trail in Iowa. On Monday, two “dreamers” ...
by Craig Robinson


Iowans Reject Judicial Activists, Why Doesn’t Chris Christie?

By Carrie Severino A few years ago, Iowans learned the hard way how much the rule of law depends on a fair and impartial state Supreme Court. The citizens of New Jersey are now learning that same lesson about the New Jersey Sup...
by The Iowa Republican



RPI Skeptical About Dems’ Idea for Absentee Voting at Iowa Caucuses

The Iowa Democratic Party is making an effort to allow some form of absentee participation in the 2016 Iowa Caucuses. That seemingly untenable task was met with derision from the Republican Party of Iowa’s State Central Commi...
by Kevin Hall

Paul Ryan in CF photo

Paul Ryan to Headline Iowa GOP’s Lincoln Dinner

2012 Republican vice-presidential nominee will headline the Republican Party of Iowa’s annual Lincoln Dinner on Friday, April 11, party officials announced Wednesday morning. The event takes place at the DoubleTree by Hil...
by Kevin Hall



Ted Cruz to Headline Niche’s 7th Annual Homeschool Day

DES MOINES, Iowa — U.S. Sen. Ted Cruz, a strong voice for conservative values and leading opponent of the Obama administration’s Affordable Care Act and other policies, will be the featured speaker at the Network of Iow...
by Craig Robinson