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Rosenberg: GOP Presidential Race has come down to a “Final Four”

(Des Moines, Iowa) — As America continues hurtling down a dangerous path toward implosion, as darkness falls in the Middle East and North Africa, as the forces of evil advance and the forces of freedom retreat, anyone who c...
by Joel Rosenberg


Is Iowa “Carson Country?”

The 2016 Committee Welcomes Travelers to ‘Carson Country’ New Billboard Unveiled Near Des Moines International Airport MERRIFIELD, VA. — November 23, 2015 — The 2016 Committee, a political action committee raising aware...
by The Iowa Republican


Sidewire Launches News Analysis Platform

Noise. In a presidential campaign there is always a lot of noise, but it is especially noisy when there are more than a dozen candidates vying for attention. Social media sites certainly help keep tabs on what every candidate i...
by Craig Robinson


by Craig Robinson


Huckabee Unveils Impressive Iowa Team

LITTLE ROCK, Ark.- Former Arkansas Governor and 2016 GOP presidential candidate Mike Huckabee recently announced  his comprehensive Iowa and S.C. ‘Team Huck’ grassroots leadership organization, including members of...
by The Iowa Republican



Walker Unveils Iowa Leadership Team

Gov. Scott Walker today announced the first 65 members of his Iowa leadership team, which includes more than one-third of the state’s senate Republicans, six state representatives, and numerous other current and former el...
by Craig Robinson