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Ben Carson

Carson Shows Signs of Significant Strength in Sooner State

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma is not one of the traditional early states in the presidential primary, but it is an important one on the GOP calendar. The Sooner State bleeds Republican red. The GOP holds every statewide office and...
by Kevin Hall

BAchmann Iowa

Bachmann Campaign In Hot Water Over Misuse of Homeschooler Email List

The Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators (NICHE) has sent out an email to its members that says Michele Bachmann’s campaign uploaded the group’s email list into their campaign database without permission. Barb Heki,...
by Craig Robinson


Bachmann, Paul, and Cain Court Home School Vote

By Kevin Hall More than 35,000 Iowa children are homeschooled.  Their parents are mostly evangelical conservatives, and likely caucus goers.  Mike Huckabee successfully tapped into the Iowa homeschooler network in 2007 and th...
by Kevin Hall



Homeschoolers to Descend on State Capitol Today

Written by James Johnson Four Iowa gubernatorial candidates will address hundreds of homeschool activists on Tuesday in Des Moines during the annual “Homeschool Day at the Capitol,” sponsored by the Network of Iowa Christia...
by James M. Johnson