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On Immigration: An Open Letter to Candidates from Early State Voters

By Jeff Angelo To help out my fellow early-state voters, I’ve prepared a form letter for you to send to your favorite candidates. No thanks are necessary. * * * Dear [candidate name]: First of all, let me say that I’...
by The Iowa Republican

Amann Huckabee

Pastor Terry Amann throws his support behind Huckabee

The Iowa Caucuses are a great equalizer when it comes to political influence. In gubernatorial and congressional campaigns, big money donors enjoy an enormous amount sway, but in Iowa’s presidential caucuses, money isn’t ne...
by Craig Robinson

Scott Walker Iowa Machine Shed 3-25-15 (3)-X3

Walker: While Hillary Clinton Fights for the Ruling Class, I’m Fighting for the Middle Class

By Gov. Scott Walker Right now, every-day Americans are fed up. The ruling-class of special interests and bureaucrats in Washington think they’re above playing by the same rules as everyone else. No one personifies this more ...
by Scott Walker


Trump DSM

The Trump Campaign Gets Local with Dubuque Rally

Donald Trump brought his presidential campaign to Dubuque on Tuesday. The GOP frontrunner was greeted by an audience of nearly 3,000 people at the Grand River Center on the banks of the Mississippi River. While the media covera...
by Craig Robinson

Jeb Mailer

Jeb’s black hand is not the only shady thing about the Right to Rise mailer

The mailer featuring Jeb Bush standing on the bank of the Cedar River in Cedar Rapids has garnered a lot of attention, not because the pro-Bush Super PAC Right to PAC sent it to over 86,000 households in Iowa, but because it ap...
by Craig Robinson


US Capitol

To Rule or To Govern

I was preparing for my weekly broadcast on our Sioux City Catholic radio network when I came across a recent article by Angelo Codevilla—a sort of addendum to his seminal article written for the American Spectator in 2010. In...
by Sam Clovis