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RNC Statement On Hillary Clinton’s Hypocrisy On Supreme Court Appointments

WASHINGTON – Republican National Committee (RNC) Chairman Reince Priebus released the following statement on Hillary Clinton’s hypocrisy on Supreme Court appointments during tonight’s MSNBC town hall: “Hillary Clint...
by The Iowa Republican

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Hillary Clinton Barks Like a Dog in Nevada

At a campaign stop in Reno, Nevada, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton barked like a dog while criticizing Republicans. Clinton was recalling one of her favorite TV ads from Arkansas, in which a dog barked every time the...
by Craig Robinson


Clinton Misleads About Emails In DMR Editorial Board

The first thing Hillary Clinton was asked about at her Des Moines Register editorial board was a new report that the FBI had again expanded its investigation into her secret email server. In response, Clinton denied the rep...
by The Iowa Republican



Hillary Clinton’s First Campaign Ad of 2016

Hillary Clinton has launched her first TV ad of the 2016 campaign. The spot tells the story of Clinton’s mother Dorothy, which is also the name of the spot. The 60-second ad features Clinton herself sharing her mother’s sto...
by Craig Robinson

Huckabee 1111

Huckabee’s Resolute Defense of Israel Should Be Praised, Not Criticized

Oh the outrage! How dare former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee compare Iran following trough on its repeated threats to wipe the nation of Israel off of the face of the earth with a nuclear weapon to the Holocaust? From 1941 t...
by Craig Robinson


Carly Fiorina Machine Shed 4-22-15 (304)-X3

Fiorina: How to fix our broken education system? Give every parent and student a choice and a chance.

By Carly Fiorina Last week, Hillary Clinton gave an economic policy speech that embodied what we have come to expect from her: a bundle of contradictions and a litany of progressive prescriptions that demonstrate how deeply out...
by Carly Fiorina