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Dispatches from South Carolina

It didn’t take long after arriving in Charleston, South Carolina on Friday night to understand that I was walking right back into the center of the political universe.  After giving the gentleman at the rental car place my T...
by Craig Robinson

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Full Version of Anti-Romney Documentary

A super PAC associated with Newt Gingrich has produced a 28-minute documentary that highlights four business deals that Romney was involved in that eliminated jobs while creating millions of dollars for the Bain Capital, a priv...
by The Iowa Republican

Romney and Iowa

Professor Hagle’s Final Republican Caucus Power Rankings

Happy New Year everyone! It shouldn’t be surprising that the last two weeks have been busy, even with breaks for the holidays. As always, I’ll begin with a summary of significant events from the past two weeks and then give...
by Tim Hagle



Struggling to Understand the Deace/Newt Dynamic

Radio personality Steve Deace’s decision earlier this year to leave WHO Radio, one of the most influential talk radio stations in the nation, just months before a new presidential caucus season, left a lot of Iowans scratchin...
by Craig Robinson

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Gingrich Urges Moms to “Participate in an Election Worthy of our Children”

Today Newt Gingrich, surrounded by his wife, daughters and grandchildren, was moved to tears as he recalled memories of his mother in front of 100 moms at a “Coffee Break” hosted by CafeMom, the most visited site for moms i...
by The Iowa Republican


Deace Gingrich

Steve Deace Endorses Gingrich

Steve Deace, an influential Iowa radio host, endorsed Newt today saying he has a proven ability to govern and undo what the Left has done to America. Sadly, there are only two candidates offering a real means by which to actual...
by The Iowa Republican