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Walking away with It – Walker Shines at Iowa Freedom Summit

The event overall The Iowa Freedom Summit, a joint venture between Congressman Steve King and Citizens United, was a success before one candidate took the stage on Saturday. The nine-hour long event featured a number of high pr...
by Craig Robinson


Toss-Up Tuesday

Last week’s Super Tuesday contests were exciting because ten different states went to the polls.  In addition to being the day on the primary calendar when the most contests were held, Super Tuesday also provided some geogra...
by Craig Robinson

Romney FL

Romney Wins Big in Florida

Mitt Romney got his campaign for the Republican nominations back on track with a big win in the Florida primary last night. With 98 percent of the precincts reporting, Romney won with 46 percent of the vote, fourteen points ahe...
by Craig Robinson



Florida Contest Disintegrates Into Nothing More Than A Food Fight

If the most recent polls are accurate, it looks like Mitt Romney is going to get a much-needed victory in tomorrow’s Florida presidential primary.  Rasmussen has Romney leading Newt Gingrich by 16 points, NBC has him up by 1...
by Craig Robinson


Newt’s Big Ideas Are Not A Problem

Coming off a huge win in the South Carolina, Newt Gingrich is riding high in the polls, drawing massive crowds in Florida, and could very well deliver a fatal blow to Mitt Romney’s candidacy should he win the Florida primary ...
by Craig Robinson



Gingrich Plays it Safe and Fades in Florida Debate

Last night’s NBC News/National Journal/Tampa Bay Times presidential debate marked the 17th time that the Republican candidates have debated.  With the field of candidates narrowed to just four candidates, these debates offer...
by Craig Robinson