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Deace and Trump

Don’t Get Fooled Again? Whatever.

My social media feeds have been entertaining to say the least ever since it became abundantly clear that Donald Trump is going to be the Republican nominee for president in 2016. On one hand, you have members of the GOP establi...
by Craig Robinson

Deace endorse Cramer

Cruz Campaign: “Fiorina goes full vagina right away.”

Steve Deace isn’t just some loud-mouth opinionated radio talk show host, he’s an integral member of Sen. Ted Cruz’s presidential campaign. After endorsing Cruz this summer, he traveled to Boulder, Colorado with the campai...
by Craig Robinson

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Steve Deace on Why He Endorses Ted Cruz

HOUSTON, Texas – The Cruz Campaign today released a video featuring Iowa conservative activist Steve Deace explaining why Ted Cruz is the candidate that conservatives should unify behind, and how he has what it takes to wi...
by Ted Cruz


Danny Carroll rpi

RPI Regime Change: The Weekly Roundup

As expected, the decision by the newly seated Republican State Central Committee to hold a new election for the chairman and co-chairman positions on Saturday has created tension among many Republican activists. For those Repub...
by Craig Robinson


Struggling to Understand the Deace/Newt Dynamic

Radio personality Steve Deace’s decision earlier this year to leave WHO Radio, one of the most influential talk radio stations in the nation, just months before a new presidential caucus season, left a lot of Iowans scratchin...
by Craig Robinson



Constitutional Convention – The People’s Option

Last night WHO Radio host Steve Deace, IFPC communications Director Bryan English, and myself debated some of the options that conservatives are exploring in the wake of the Iowa Supreme Court’s April 3rd ruling that opened t...
by Craig Robinson