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Jeb Bush

Bypass Iowa?  Will Bush Play in Iowa Now That Mitt is Gone?

Mitt Romney’s decision to not seek the Republican nomination for president in 2016 ended three weeks of intense media coverage about his political future.  To say that Romney’s departure will impact the 2016 race is an und...
by Craig Robinson

Spiker Kochel on IPTV

Kevin’s Korner: Big Liberty’s New Strategy

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. One may smile, and smile, and be a villain. 24.8: “We reaffirm that the Republican National Committee and the Republican Party of Iowa and its officers should remain neutral in all c...
by Kevin Hall

Karl Rove

Kevin’s Korner: Rove’s War on Steve King, Caucus Polling and the GOP vs. Gay Marriage

Greetings and welcome to Kevin’s Korner. Why does a dog wag its tail? Because a dog is smarter than its tail. If the tail were smarter, it would wag the dog. The first 2016 Iowa Caucus poll is out. Three years early. It provi...
by Kevin Hall


gay marriage iowa

Mehlman, Kochel: Support of Same-Sex Marriage is Conservative

Ken Mehlman is one of the preeminent Republican political operatives in the country. He served as the campaign manager for George W. Bush’s successful re-election campaign in 2004. Exit polling showed that “family values”...
by Kevin Hall


Romney’s Iowa Campaign Ignoring Paul, Focusing on General Election

Although most of Iowa’s national delegates are poised to support Ron Paul at the RNC convention, Mitt Romney’s campaign shows little concern about the situation.  During their first conference call with Iowa supporters sin...
by Kevin Hall