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Cruz Gets the Big Win He Desperately Needed

A win is a win. Wins in presidential campaigns are necessary, not just to garner the necessary delegates to capture the nomination of one of the two major political party’s, but they also provide the fuel for a campaign to co...
by Craig Robinson

David Young

How David Young Went from Fifth Place to Republican Nominee

David Young’s victory at Saturday’s Third District congressional nominating convention was stunning to say the least. While some will grumble about Republicans nominating a candidate who finished in fifth place in the prima...
by Craig Robinson

Danny Carroll rpi

Third District Nominating Convention Delegate Clarification

The following is an email from Republican Party of Iowa Chairman Danny Carroll that was distributed to Third District Congressional campaigns and members of the State Central committee in regards to the delegates to the Third ...
by Craig Robinson



Third District Nomination is Up for Grabs

It took nearly a week, but the location of the Third Congressional District special nominating convention has been finalized.  The convention will be held at Des Moines Christian High School in Urbandale, and it will begin pro...
by Craig Robinson

Republican Primary

Primary Day Roundup and Open Thread

It’s been 1 year, 4 months, and 8 days since Senator Tom Harkin announced that he would retire at the at the end of his fifth term in the United States Senate.  Today, Republicans go to the polls to choose who they think is ...
by Craig Robinson


AJ Spiker

Spiker’s Resignation Puts RPI in a Pickle

The decision by Republican Party of Iowa Chairman A.J. Spiker to resign his chairmanship in March before the District and State conventions is less than ideal.  The fact that Spiker is surrendering his post to go to work for R...
by Craig Robinson