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Cruz Controls District Conventions

As expected, Texas Senator Ted Cruz secured all but one of the 12 delegate spots that were up for grabs on Saturday at the Republican District conventions across the state. The Cruz campaign faced minimal competition from an un...
by Craig Robinson

BESTPIX  Reince Priebus Addresses RNC Annual Winter Meeting

2016 Republican National Convention Date is Set

The Republican National Committee announced on Thursday that its 2016 national convention will be held from July 18th through 21st in 2016.  After selecting Cleveland, Ohio, as the site of the convention last year, the RNC sai...
by Craig Robinson


Heavy-Handedness of Branstad Campaign Has No Place in Caucus Politics

It’s been no secret that Governor Terry Branstad wants to elect a new leadership team for the Republican Party of Iowa.  His re-election campaign made an effort to turnout like-minded Republicans to January’s precinct cauc...
by Craig Robinson


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A Glimpse Inside the Ron Paul Caucus to Convention Effort

The Ron Paul campaign has been the most aggressive campaign in organizing its supporters for tomorrow’s county conventions.  The 26-minute video below shows how serious they are in getting their people selected as district a...
by Craig Robinson