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Carson Campaign Tragedy Gives us all Pause

It was May of 1999. I had just graduated college. In the next thirty days, I would leave the cozy confines of college and head to Des Moines to go to work for Steve Forbes’ presidential campaign. I laugh at the notion of havi...
by Craig Robinson


29 Days Left – The State of the Caucus Race

If you are into politics, there will be no better place to be for the next month than the state of Iowa. The holidays are over. The Hawkeye football season is over. We love college basketball, and while conference play is upon ...
by Craig Robinson


TIR on Cavuto was interviewed by Neil Cavuto on Friday. Here is the segment in which we discusssed the Carson and Bush campaign shakeups. Watch the latest video at
by Craig Robinson



What we can learn from the latest Iowa Poll

The latest Des Moines Register/Bloomberg Iowa Poll shows that Texas Senator Ted Cruz not only surpassed Donald Trump for the lead in Iowa, but he has established a substantial 10 point lead. Trump remains solidly in second plac...
by Craig Robinson


Will Iowa Follow Recent Polling Trends – Or Will Issues Actually Matter

Voting is essential for a working democracy. Voting is a right that was fought for by our ancestors. Voting is a privilege that a lot of people live without in this world. That’s why we have to take voting seriously. That’s...
by Shane Bias



Dr. Carson Doesn’t Deserve the Benefit of the Doubt

The biography of Dr. Ben Carson is not only impressive, it is the type of story that embodies the American Dream. It’s the stuff that movies are made of, and in 2009, Carson’s life story was turned into a TV movie titled, G...
by Craig Robinson