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Top Ron Paul Campaign Aides Found Guilty On All Counts

As Donald Trump was putting an end to the primary phase of the 2016 Republican presidential campaign this week, a federal court concluded its criminal trial against three Republican campaign operatives for their underhanded and...
by Craig Robinson


Why Does Sorenson Keep Changing His Story?

State Senator Kent Sorenson doesn’t just have legal trouble stemming from his financial dealings with two presidential campaigns.  He also has trouble telling the truth. On the evening before published ...
by Craig Robinson

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Ron Paul Backers Continue to Dominate Iowa’s National Delegate Slate

Ron Paul’s well-organized supporters once again dominated Iowa’s national delegate selections. GOP delegates from the state’s four congressional districts convened Friday night to choose 12 national delegates, with three ...
by Kevin Hall


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RPI Hires New Executive and Organizational Directors, Both From Paul Campaign

Former Ron Paul campaign staffer Steve Bierfeldt is the new executive director of the Republican Party of Iowa. State Central Committee members were notified of Bierfeldt’s hiring by mail last week in a letter sent by Chairma...
by Kevin Hall


The New Composition of the SCC of the Iowa GOP

The Republican Party of Iowa State Central Committee is comprised of 16 elected representatives from the state’s four congressional districts, the national committeewoman and committeeman who are elected at the state conventi...
by Craig Robinson


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Ron Paul Supporters Attempt to Reconvene Scott County GOP Convention, Spiker Responds

A group of Ron Paul supporters who are upset with the results of the Scott County GOP convention is contacting all of the county’s delegates and alternates, encouraging them to reconvene on Thursday. The group is led by P...
by Kevin Hall