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Top Ron Paul Campaign Aides Found Guilty On All Counts

As Donald Trump was putting an end to the primary phase of the 2016 Republican presidential campaign this week, a federal court concluded its criminal trial against three Republican campaign operatives for their underhanded and...
by Craig Robinson


Real Time Iowa Caucus Results and Commentary

Join for live coverage as results from the Iowa Caucuses come in. You can watch our live webcast and monitor the result as the come all on this one page. Coverage begins at 6:00 p.m. and will conclude when...
by Craig Robinson


Bachmann Defends Home Turf – Will Join Perry in Waterloo on Sunday

Michele Bachmann has made her Iowa roots a central point of her presidential campaign.  As such, she hosted a welcome home event for residents of Waterloo, the town of her birth, at the Electric Park Ballroom the night before ...
by Craig Robinson



Perry and Palin Should Be On Straw Poll Ballot

One would probably have better luck predicting all six Powerball numbers than accurately forecasting what the Republican Party of Iowa’s State Central Committee will do at its next meeting.  The Iowa GOP will meet on Saturda...
by Craig Robinson


Pawlenty Equates Bachmann with Obama: “Big speeches and no experience”

Tim Pawlenty is barnstorming Iowa this week in a last ditch effort to garner enough support to be competitive in the Ames Straw Poll.  The former Minnesota Governor’s strategy is to portray himself to Iowa voters as the most...
by Kevin Hall



TIR Poll: Jobs and the Economy by Far the Most Important Issue for Caucus Goers

Almost half of Iowa caucus goers believe jobs and the economy is the most important topic in deciding who to support in the GOP presidential race.  46% of respondents in a poll commissioned by ranked that ...
by Kevin Hall