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2:22 Mid Day Must Reads

Head of Bush Super PAC Reportedly Rakes in $14 Million CNN Murphy has long been one of Bush’s closest advisers — and the political world was in awe last year when Right to Rise raised $100 million just as Bush was l...
by Craig Robinson


Iowa Mailbox Observations

Like most Iowans, my mailbox is stuffed on a daily basis with campaign mail. I’ve accumulated a whole box of it all. If you were judging the Republican race solely based on the activity your mailbox has received, then Jeb Bus...
by Craig Robinson


The Establishment’s Half-Hearted Effort in Iowa

Mitt Romney may have never won the Iowa caucuses, but in both of his presidential runs, he did show establishment Republicans that success can be found in the state. Romney never even carried a third of Iowa’s 99 counties, bu...
by Craig Robinson



29 Days Left – The State of the Caucus Race

If you are into politics, there will be no better place to be for the next month than the state of Iowa. The holidays are over. The Hawkeye football season is over. We love college basketball, and while conference play is upon ...
by Craig Robinson


TIR on Cavuto was interviewed by Neil Cavuto on Friday. Here is the segment in which we discusssed the Carson and Bush campaign shakeups. Watch the latest video at
by Craig Robinson



Bush: Agriculture is the foundation of America.

As Thomas Jefferson wrote, “Agriculture is our wisest pursuit, because it will in the end contribute most to real wealth, good morals, and happiness.” Today, it is a great economic engine for our country. Millions of famil...
by Jeb Bush