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Rick Perry Freedom Summit

Perry’s Rick PAC Hires Four Iowans in Advance of Presidential Run

Four years ago, Texas Governor Rick Perry entered into the 2012 presidential race with a ton of momentum. At the time, the Texas Governor filled a void in the GOP field of candidates. He quickly led in the national polls, raise...
by Craig Robinson

Rick Perry Freedom Summit

Perry Plowing Forward, Impressing Crowds Despite Legal Setbacks

For the second time, a judge has refused to dismiss the abuse of power indictment against former Texas Governor Rick Perry. Despite that bad news, Perry continues to eye a bid for the presidency. In fact, he seems more adamant ...
by Kevin Hall

Rick Perry in Algona

The New and Improved Rick Perry Shines in Algona

ALGONA – Iowans are meeting the new Rick Perry and liking what they see. This is not the same man who joined the presidential race in August of 2011 as the frontrunner and quickly plummeted. The “oops” guy is gone. This n...
by Kevin Hall


Emporer Scorpion (Pandinus imperator).

The liberal smear campaign against Regent Bruce Rastetter

Regent Bruce Rastetter, an agricultural entrepreneur and Republican donor, has cheerfully weathered a coordinated smear campaign by Democratic politicians, radical liberal groups such as Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement ...
by Jeff Patch

Iowa Straw Poll

Branstad Calls For End to Ames Straw Poll, Spiker Disagrees

The Ames Straw Poll has always faced a long list of detractors from outside the state of Iowa. More recently, political operatives and pundits within the state say the event needs a retooling, primarily to help preserve the Iow...
by Kevin Hall