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Winners and Losers: Sorenson Ordeal

As is the case with everything in politics, there are winner and losers.  There really are not any winners in the Sorenson saga, but there are people who did the right thing.  Below is a list of winners and losers.  Obviousl...
by Craig Robinson


TIR Bookshelf: Bachmannistan

Last week’s resignation of Kent Sorenson from the Iowa State Senate nudged me to finish reading a book I had downloaded to my Kindle over a month ago, Bachmannistan: Behind the Lines. Sorenson served as U.S. Representative Mi...
by Polly Twocents


Special Investigator Reveals Mountain of Evidence Against Sorenson

The special investigator looking into the allegations that Republican State Senator Kent Sorenson improperly took money from two different presidential campaigns in 2012 submitted his findings to the Iowa Senate Ethics Committe...
by Craig Robinson



Iowans Deserve Answers from Sorenson

A week has passed since released new details that implicate State Senator Kent Sorenson in a pay-to-pay scandal with Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign.  The series of articles, which included docume...
by Craig Robinson

Sorenson Endorsement

In His Own Words: Sorenson Confirms Payment for Ron Paul Endorsement has obtained a recording of a phone conversation between State Senator Kent Sorenson and Dennis Fusaro.  The call was recorded just days after Sorenson abruptly abandoned Michele Bachmann’s campaign and...
by Craig Robinson


Sorenson and Paul

The Payoff – Details Revealed on Sorenson’s Deal with Ron Paul

Documents obtained by suggest that State Senator Kent Sorenson sought and likely received financial compensation from Ron Paul’s 2012 presidential campaign before he ditched Michele Bachmann just days be...
by Craig Robinson