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Santorum’s 2012 Iowa Caucus Campaign Manager Returns

Of all the people that were part of Rick Santorum’s improbable 2012 Iowa caucus victory, Cody Brown probably gets the least amount of credit. It’s not because Brown didn’t play a vital role in the 2012 campaign, it’s be...
by Craig Robinson


AJ Schnack’s “Caucus” Captures What the Iowa Caucuses is all About

It’s hard to find the words to describe just how good AJ Schnack’s documentary on the 2012 Iowa Caucuses is.  After viewing it for the first time, I emailed Schnack to tell him it was fantastic, but even that term doesn’...
by Craig Robinson


2012 Caucus Documentary Premieres in Iowa on Friday, October 25th

CAUCUS is the intimate and revealing story of the 2011-2012 first-in-the-nation campaign in Iowa as eight Republicans fight to become their party’s standard-bearer and take on Barack Obama. The film is directed by veteran doc...
by The Iowa Republican



Newt’s Justification For Supporting TARP

With Newt Gingrich surging in the polls, his political opponents and the national media are now working overtime to highlight the former Speaker’s past statements, positions, and personal failings. Dredging up a candidate’s...
by Craig Robinson

BAchmann Iowa

Bachmann Campaign In Hot Water Over Misuse of Homeschooler Email List

The Network of Iowa Christian Home Educators (NICHE) has sent out an email to its members that says Michele Bachmann’s campaign uploaded the group’s email list into their campaign database without permission. Barb Heki,...
by Craig Robinson


Rick Perry Fair

Perry Shines at Polk County GOP Fundraiser; By the Numbers Breakdown

Texas Governor Rick Perry was clearly the marquee attraction as almost 400 Republicans crammed into an Iowa State Fairgrounds shelter to listen to three presidential hopefuls Saturday night.  The event lost a little bit of lus...
by Kevin Hall