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King Introduces National Right To Work Act

  Washington, D.C. – Congressman Steve King released the following statement after introducing the National Right to Work Act, in the 114th Congress. The bill would repeal the provisions in federal law that make “...
by The Iowa Republican


Grassley Works to Prevent Small Businesses from Facing Obamacare Penalty

WASHINGTON – Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa is working to prevent small business owners from facing a little-known penalty under Obamacare for paying their employees’ health insurance premiums. “I’m hearing from Iowa small...
by The Iowa Republican


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Senate Republicans’ attempt to reach across aisle denied by Democrats

DES MOINES – Senate Republicans are disappointed their Democrat colleagues refused to allow bipartisan legislation be debated in the Iowa Senate, said Senator Bill Dix, R-Shell Rock. Senate Republican Leader Dix proposed a bi...
by The Iowa Republican

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Santorum’s Advantage – The Road Less Traveled

Rick Santorum’s speech at Saturday’s Iowa Freedom Summit got lost in the mix. The other speeches that were either delivered by new faces or featured clever one-liners that were tailor-made for that specific audience got all...
by Craig Robinson

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TIR on “Great Day”: Freedom Summit recap, Jeb & Mitt, and the latest on Branstad

The Iowa Republican’s Kevin Hall and Democrat strategist Jeff Link appeared on KCWI-TV’s “Great Day” program Tuesday morning to discuss the latest on the Iowa political scene. This week’s edition o...
by The Iowa Republican