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Two Former Iowa Congressmen Urge 2016 Candidates to Highlight Fiscal Plans

Pella, Iowa –​ A group of Iowans today got a chance to do something that has long eluded Congress: Make tough budget choices to put the federal deficit on a sustainable downward path. They enthusiastically tackled the job i...
by The Iowa Republican

Chuck Grassley

Sens. Paul, Grassley Introduce Fuel Choice and Deregulation Act of 2015

WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators Rand Paul (R-KY) and Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) last week introduced the Fuel Choice and Deregulation Act of 2015. This legislation will remove Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) impe...
by Grassley Press



Grassley Begins Re-Election Campaign – Couldn’t Be Any Stronger

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley is known and respected for this work ethic in the U.S. Senate. Grassley has not missed a vote since 1993 when the state was devastated by flooding. He was touring flood damage with President Clinton,...
by Craig Robinson


Jeb Bush could learn some lessons from Lindsey Graham

From all accounts, South Carolina Senator Lindsey Graham had yet another successful trip to Iowa over the weekend. Graham held campaign stops in Des Moines and Iowa City. His latest trip to Iowa marks the third time he has visi...
by Craig Robinson


We’re Number One – In Presidential Cattle Calls

We all know that the state of Iowa ranks first in the nation when it comes to corn and soybean production. Iowa is even first when it comes to U.S. pork production, ethanol production, and wind generation. Yet, Iowa is also lea...
by Craig Robinson