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Steve King Red white and blue

The Media and “Republican Insiders” Lash Out Against Congressman Steve King

I’m pretty sure that Iowa Congressman Steve King thought that his detractors would give it a rest for a while after he defeated his Democrat opponent by 24 points earlier this month.  Yet once again headlines like, “Stay a...
by Craig Robinson

Grassley CR

Sen. Grassley’s Reaction to Obama’s Executive Amnesty

Senate Judiciary Committee Ranking Member Chuck Grassley of Iowa made the following statement after President Barack Obama’s announcement tonight that he will make a series of executive actions thwarting the Immigration and N...
by The Iowa Republican



Costello, Other Republicans Eyeing Ernst’s State Senate Seat

Just when you thought election season was over, it’s about to begin again. In fact, southwest Iowans could be involved in two primary and two general elections over the next few months. First up, there will be a special elect...
by Kevin Hall


Grassley Tribute to U.S. Senator Tom Harkin

Floor Statement Tribute to U.S. Senator Tom Harkin by U.S. Senator Chuck Grassley November 19, 2014  Mr. President, I rise today to celebrate the 75th birthday of my friend and long-time colleague from our home state of Iowa,...
by Grassley Press

Luke BandW

National Adoption Month: Meet Our Son Luke

If I were to pick a theme song for modern society, it might be the title track to Queen’s 1989 album, “I want it all.”  Just drive down the interstate or turn on your television, and the song’s chorus of “I want it a...
by Craig Robinson