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Santorum Positive and Upbeat as he Begins 2016 Race

It’s no surprise that Iowa was the first place Rick Santorum would travel to after announcing his 2016 candidacy for president. The surprise is that Santorum’s first stop in Iowa wasn’t a campaign event, but a Whitey’s ...
by Craig Robinson

rick santorum trifecta victory night (225)

Rick Santorum: Starting Over Again

Four years ago, the DC media mocked the presidential aspirations of former Pennsylvania Senator Rick Santorum. Not only did national political pundits and the media find it difficult to see a pathway to success for Santorum, mo...
by Craig Robinson



Perry’s Ride – A Post Memorial Day Round Up

It is often said that Labor Day signifies the point in a general election where voters really begin to focus on the upcoming election, and so the campaigns really seem to ratchet up. For Republican caucus campaigns in Iowa, I h...
by Craig Robinson

Huckabee Crossroads

Huckabee Sheds the Nice Guy Persona in Johnston

One of the knocks against former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee when he ran for president in 2008 was that he was too soft when it came to issues like crime, immigration, and foreign policy. His critics back then would often s...
by Craig Robinson

Straw Poll

Cloud of Uncertainty over Iowa Straw Poll

Like many Iowa Republicans, some of my greatest political memories are associated with the Iowa Straw Poll. I worked my first Straw Poll at the age of 22 in 1999. It was terrifying waiting for my buses full of Steve Forbes’ s...
by Craig Robinson