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Don’t fool yourself – Trump can win the Republican Nomination

The media is obsessed with Donald Trump. On one hand, they are repulsed by many of his statements, but on the other hand, Trump’s straight talk is good for their bottom line as the controversy he generates supplies the headli...
by Craig Robinson

DJT Osky

A hostile news media is Trump’s biggest asset.  

Last week, the Des Moines Register’s editorial board described Donald Trump’s presidential campaign as a “bloviating side show.”  The not-so-subtle jab was contained in the title of the paper’s 600-word diatribe abou...
by Craig Robinson



Back in the Saddle Again – The Weekly Roundup

For the past week or so I was in California for my brother’s wedding. Good times were had by all, but, boy, did I miss some fireworks! Regardless, it is good to be back. Thank you to the candidates who provided me with op-eds...
by Craig Robinson

Rick Perry Freedom Summit

Conservatism vs. Trumpism

By Governor Rick Perry The next president will face serious issues that demand serious leadership. Because of the failed foreign policy of the Obama Administration, our 45th president will have to deal with an emboldened Iran t...
by Rick Perry

Carly Fiorina Machine Shed 4-22-15 (304)-X3

Fiorina: How to fix our broken education system? Give every parent and student a choice and a chance.

By Carly Fiorina Last week, Hillary Clinton gave an economic policy speech that embodied what we have come to expect from her: a bundle of contradictions and a litany of progressive prescriptions that demonstrate how deeply out...
by Carly Fiorina