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Jeb Bush Touts Conservative Record in New Web Video

Former Florida Governor Jeb Bush is making his first campaign appearance in Iowa later today. In advance of his trip, his Right to Rise PAC has released a new two-minute web video that showcases Bush touting his conservative ac...
by Craig Robinson

Jeb Bush CPAC

Presidential Cattle Call: A Preview of the First Iowa Agriculture Summit

900 likely Iowa Caucusgoers, 250 media members and a slew of their presidential hopefuls. That is what awaits the speakers at Saturday’s Iowa Agriculture Summit. The first time event, produced by GOP power broker Bruce Rastet...
by Kevin Hall


Hillary and Harkin

Hillary’s Latest Scandals Show Coronation Strategy Fraught with Peril for Iowa Dems

Democrat power brokers have cleared the field for Hillary Clinton. Other than an extreme long shot or two, the former first lady has zero competition in the Democratic presidential primary. She can seemingly waltz to the party...
by Kevin Hall

Ben Carson

Carson Launches Exploratory Committee, Plans Early State Strategy

The hard work of the “Run, Ben, Run” folks is paying off. Their efforts to convince Dr. Ben Carson to run for president reached a major milestone this week. Carson became the first GOP presidential contender to form an expl...
by Kevin Hall

KCWI roecker

TIR on “Great Day”: Gas Tax, Ag Summit and Jeb’s First Iowa Trip

  The Iowa Republican’s Kevin Hall appeared on KCWI-TV’s “Great Day” program Tuesday morning for the weekly “Political Party Scoopers” segment. Along with Democrat strategist Sam Roecker...
by The Iowa Republican